Music Education Standards for Minnesota


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Music/Arts Education Policy

Minnesota has required academic standards in the arts mandating arts education in elementary, middle, and high school (120B.021).

A school, school district, or charter school must determine locally if a student has met the required academic standards in the arts. The commissioner of education must not develop statewide assessments for academic standards in the arts (120B.02, 120B.30). PCAE is piloting a panel assessment process with school districts convened regionally to evaluate collections of student work in dance, music, and theater, as well as literary, media, and visual arts. The panel discussions serve as professional development opportunities for teachers.

Music Standards Information

The interrelationship of artistic knowledge and processes defines artistic literacy. Engaging Students in the Arts can help educators bring arts into the classroom, allowing students to integrate arts with other subject areas.
The 2008 Arts Standards must be implemented by the 2010-2011 school year for districts who have adopted the state standards. The Perpich Center for Arts Education provides guidance on developing local arts standards.  Contact Pam Paulson at 763-591-4708 or

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